Social That Cares.
We know life can be full of challenges, struggles and open-ended questions. We created Lyf so you don’t have to face them alone. Our judgement free community is maintained by everyday people and professionals alike. They’ve have gone through what you’re going through and are there when you need them most. No matter what your struggle or interest, real people are talking about it on lyf.

What you’ll find on Lyf:

A self-care community that always has your back.

It’s like always having a BFF, mentor, and parent at your fingertips.

We’re here to help, not judge.

Our licensed Lyf Support psychologists provide confidential, unbiased, expert guidance around all aspects of life.

You’re not alone.

Make friends with others currently on our same path as well as those who are on the other side of what you’re going through.

Interesting people and stories improving their well-being through community.

We’re proud to host thousands of incredible real stories and discussions. Our community is a place where friends are made for Lyf and confidence is built.

Lyf makes this world just a little less lonely.

Lyf creates a place for you to walk with other community members who are going through the same journey in Lyf.

Lyf is confidential, free, and always there for you.

No smoke and mirrors - you decide what and when to share.

In Lyf, you are not alone. Download Today.


A community of trusted friends and professionals supporting you on your journey

Whether you’re struggling with something and seeking advice, looking for genuine friendship, or focusing on self-care, the Lyf community is here to support you.

How To

Get The Most Out Of Lyf

Everybody has a voice.

Our community members are highly diverse. Exploring and discussing everything from the world of meditation, mindfulness and healthy living to members working through serious trauma like struggling with anxiety and professional challenges.

Getting started is super easy.

Ready to dive in? Try writing your own beat. Your own personal journey can resonate with other users, inspiring a discussion around it. “Beats” are stories being told by like-minded users within the community. Maybe you made a resolution to get fit or to be more mindful. There’s a beat for that. Working through divorce or insomnia? There’s a beat for that, too.

You will meet new people and new friends.

You’ll also have the opportunity to speak openly and help others as they help you. Full disclosure: This big world can make you feel really lonely. But you’re never alone with Lyf.

Join the Lyf Community and Get Lyf Support Today.

Some days you just need a shoulder, other days you need a shrink.

Lyf support offers in-demand access to qualified psychologists ready to help when you need it most.

Licensed Professionals

Lyf’s psychologists are licensed professionals with years of experience. Get real talk and advice - not sugar coated nonsense.

Private & Secure

It’s nobody’s business but your own. All one-on-one chats are always private and secure.

Always ready for you

Support that is available 24/7. Rather than waiting hours or days to be matched with a psychologist, Lyf is ready for you in an instant.

Lyf Values

You are not alone.


Lyf is filled with a community of understanding supporters. What makes Lyf unique is that it’s a safe place to share your story while encouraging and supporting others.


You’ll be surrounded by a group of friends who encourage you and set you straight when you need it. No fake friends and none of the trolls you’ve likely encountered on other social media apps.


Self-care and self-improvement aren’t easy or straightforward. It’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of solution. It can be tough, but having an accountability partner (or several) can help. Lyf is where you can thrive and grow, all while being supported by others who have traveled the same path.

A world of support in the palm of your hand.